Infertility is a serious problem now-a-days, it is more serious than what you might actually imagine. The number of infertility men are increasing and they are seeking medical advice. While evaluating them the patient and doctor should be aware of the following Organic materials which could be the direct or indirect cause to some extent or greater extent. Many items we use in our modern life for our comfort living have many compounds which are dangerous to man’s fertility point of view as they are going to effect quality of sperm. The following compounds are common materials on exposure to man in fertile age may cause infertility due low sperm count & quality.

1.Bisphenol-A (BPA): This material is widely used in manufacturing of water bottles,medical and dental devices,sports equipment,dental fillings & sealings, CDs & DVDs, Lining of water pipes, inside coating of food and Beverage cans.
2.Phthalates: These compounds are present of enteric coatings of Pills what we take, lubricants, stabilizers,sex toys (PVC or Jelly rubber made),shower curtains, adhesives, floor tiles, food containers & wrappers, perfumes, eye shadow, liquid soaps,nail polish, hair sprays etc. So be careful about usage of these materials.
3. Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB): PCB is widely used in our day to day life. This is present in Coolants, Transformers, Hydraulic fluids, Carbon less papers, Plastics, floor finish,oil based paints, cable insulators etc. These wide usage in industry, the handlers of above materials are more prone for low sperm quality and reduced productivity. Since its not easily disintegrate, it spoils the environment. It drains into rivers, water-bodies, oceans etc. Such PCB consumed FISH are also considered as reproductive hazard.

So for healthy fertility be careful about…………..
#Cash Receipts copies, plastic Credit/Debit cards,
#Canned Beverages and Canned Food
#Canned Fish or Fish harvested in water bodies with high content of PCB levels.
#Perfumed soaps, toiletries, adhesives, hair sprays etc.
#Sex Toys made up of PVC or Jelly Rubber with high content of Phthalates
#Heated Car Seats or Bike Seats as direct heat and Phthalates in Vinyl Upholstery

However, there can be many other reasons for male infertility apart from above chemical compound exposures in your day to day life. So get in touch with your Sexologist to seek solutions before time runs out.