Men want their sexual life to be always at peak performance levels all the time form puberty to beyond andropause.

Many people may not know what dangers are there in many of the daily using products which go against proper sexual performance.



High obesity is very dangerous and decreases the performance of sex in man. It increases deposition of fats in arteries. More accumulation of fats in penile artery (by atherosclerosis) reduces blood supply to penile tissues which is the most important factor for man’s or penile erections. Moreover, high belly fat doesn’t give satisfaction in penetrative sex between couple as tummy comes as an obstruction.


Extensive research suggests that long-term cigarette smoking is an independent risk factor for the introduction of sexual dysfunction in men. It also reduces lung capacity and lung functions leading to low stamina and those will not be able to perform sex properly leading to Premature Ejaculation also.

High Alocohol Habits:

Many people think and use alcohol for “great sex”. Alcohol usage in fact increases the desire but decreases the performance. Alcohol is a depressant, and using it heavily  can dampen mood, decrease sexual desire, and make it difficult for a man to achieve erections or reach an orgasm while under the influence. In fact, overdoing it on booze is a common cause of erectile dysfunction.

Laptops & Mobiles usage around lap:

During the past decade, while men’s T levels have rapidly been declining, there’s been a proportionate increase in the use of laptop computers.  As the name states, these portable computers are designed to sit on a person’s lap.  This creates heat near the testicles where testosterone is naturally produced, thus destroying sperm.  Laptops also emit electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation, which can wreak havoc on a man’s testosterone level. Men should never put their laptop on their lap unless there’s a 12-inch cushion under the notebook, as this is about how far the EMF field transfers.  EMF shields are also available to put under laptops, which protects the body from these dangerous frequencies.

Since most men wear their phones in close proximity to their testicles–on a belt holster or in their front pocket–EMF can have a negative effect on sperm and testosterone production.  Research published in PLoS ONE shows that cell phone radiation can decrease a man’s sperm count as well as the quality and motility of their sperm. To keep cell phones from zapping testosterone, men should avoid storing their cell phone near their groin area, unless it’s on airplane mode.  It’s best to store the phone far away from the testicles, either in a brief case, car console, front shirt, or coat pocket.  Keep in mind that EMF radiation is twice as strong when in an area where reception is bad. The more power your phone uses to search for a tower, the more radiation it emits.

Corn flakes & High Carb Processed foods:

Processed High rich carbohydrate foods like White Bread and Cornflakes etc are good quick fix for high energy needs. But these things increase arteriosclerosis which will affect blood supply to various important organs like Heart, Brain and even Penis. Penis requires relatively high amount of blood for arousal which get affected by arterio-sclerosis. so better to use natural carbs than processed carbs.

Fried foods:

Though fried food items are very popular, high in demand and tasty, they may not be good for good sex as well as reproductive life. These foods have Trans-fats (hydrogenated fats) which has inverse relation with basic male sex hormone-testosterone levels in body by which sex life will be adversely affected. Burgers, Ghee Parathas, Frozen meats, Packed soups and cakes are rich in trans fats which need to be avoided.



Soya is a good food item rich in many aminoacids and essential vitamins. It is now-a-days more used in many dairy products replacing the conventional milk ( buffalo or cow) to reduce the fat contents. However high consumption of Soy is not good sexually as it lowers the body testosterone levels. In fact saints and monks in Asian countries intentionally eat to curb their Libido by these soy foods.

Pudina (Mint): 


Pudina is commonly used leafy vegetable in India in chutneys, Parathas, Curd-Pudina combinations as side dish. These Pudina laced items are not good for you if you don’t want your Libido/sexuality to decrease. Mint has anti-adrogenic properties. In fact Pudina leaves were munched or chewed by saints intentionally to remove/reduce their Libido

Licorice root extract or Licorice Tea:

Though licorice is good for digestion and loosing fat, it has something not good also. It Contains phyto-estrogens which are proved to lower the Testosterone levels. So beware of it when you are in young and in reproductive age.

Sedentary life:


Sedentary life gives weight gain and obesity. Moreover, 45 to 60 minutes of exercise releases endorphins and prostaglandins which increase libido and sexual performance.

Stress in work:


Stress due to heavy work in office, long working hours, stress due to interpersonal conflicts and personality clashes between couple, financial stress etc causes anxiety, depression and decreased libido and low testosterone leading to poor sexual life. Lack of proper diet and full sleep during stress adds up more problems in sex life.


DR P.S.Murthy, after completion of MBBS in 1979, worked in medical profession for the past 36 years in various parts of India and now settled in Bangalore since 2004. He practiced initially as General Medical Practitioner, and then practiced as Behavioral Scientist & Neuro-Psychiatrist for the past 27 years. Psycho sexual dysfunctions — resulting psychological stress and their management was the area which was his area of speciality. Besides working as Consultant Psychiatrist in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore & various other medical establishments since 2004, he has been popular and well applauded Sexologist in Bangalore for the past many years. He has worked as Professor & HOD of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine departments in various Medical Colleges and extensively participated in various teaching programs.


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